ProjectIT is an investigation program that integrates some concrete projects on engineering and studies the problematic of information systems conception, development and operation or, in general, the problematic of "systems projects in the area of information technologies".

ProjectIT-Studio's goal is to provide a tool, with Windows interface (i.e., with rich-client access), for bigger productivity activities accomplishment, providing mechanisms of high productivity to requirements management and specification, models drawing, automatic code generation and software development.


- Alberto Rodrigues da Silva, supervisor
- João Saraiva (TFC, 2004/2005); (MEIC, 2005-2006); (DEIC, 2006-)
- David Ferreira (TFC, 2005/2006); (DEIC, 2006-)
- Carlos Videira (DEIC)
- Rui Silva (TFC, 2005/2006); (MEIC, 2006-2007)
- Carlos Martins (MEI/UMa, 2005/2007)
- Marco Costa (DEIC, 2002-)
- Miguel Luz (MEEC, 2002); (DEIC, 2003-)
- Raul Queiroga (TFC, 2003/2004)
- Gonçalo Lemos & Tiago Matias (TFC, 2001/2003)

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