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From Web 2.0 Wiki, Proposals
(last update: 2015/May)

My research interests involve mainly the following topics:
- Requirement Engineering
- Model Driven Engineering
- Social Computing, aka CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work)
- Enterprise knowledge-based systems and applications
- Project Management and IT Processes and Methodologies

And also applying these topics to real world scenarios and application domains such as Software Industry, Education/Learning, Health, Energy, Government.

If you want to consolidate or improve your knowledge in one of these topics and want to work hard, drop me an email with the following data: (i) your short CV (including your contacts); and (ii) a brief manifestation of interest. Please be objective.

Some of these proposals can be developed in a MSc or PhD thesis scope. You should also consider that these proposals are "open" for discussion. Bring your ideas for discussion.