General Information
The Information Systems Group is dedicated to research, development and supervision of students (PhD, master and final year projects) in many topics below the information systems area. We are particularly devoted to R&D projects (partly) financed by Portuguese and European programs, but also applied research supported by private companies and public institutes. As a complement to these activities, the group also provides high-level training, consulting and development on demand, in particular on those areas where the group has acquired know-how and experience.

Research areas
  • Social Software Engineering (aka CSCW, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), with a particular emphasis on Social Software, Software Engineering, Learning and Cultural contexts
  • Enterprise knowledge-based systems and applications, namely based on EMS, CMS, and Document Management Systems.
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Methodologies, processes and tools to design and build large-scale information systems.
  • Data models such as relational, multi-dimensional, geographic, multimedia, and XML.
  • Integration between information systems, both intra and inter organizations, including middleware, EAI, Web Services, EDI, and B2B Integration.
  • Information systems and management, including strategy, planning, auditing, architectures, and outsourcing.
For further information:

Coordinator of ISG
  • Alberto Rodrigues da Silva, alberto.silva [at]
Administrative Assistant
  • Manuela Sado, manuela.sado [at], +351.213100317
In the end of 2014, ISG was merged with other two research groups resulting in a broader research lab, named IDSS (Information and Decision Support Systems) Lab.