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ProjectIT Initiative

The research involved in ProjectIT Initiative involves topics related with software engineering and software development processes, and in applying them to the daily projects in which it is involved. ProjectIT is an ambitious R&D program that integrates some concrete issues related with information systems design, development and operation problems or, in general, the problematic of "projects in the area of information technologies". Its main goal is to provide a complete software development workbench, with support for project management, requirements engineering, analysis, design and code generation features.

ProjectIT-Enterprise platform provides mechanism to process definition, collaborative support for team work, emphasizing project management, project-process alignment, workflows and documents management.

ProjectIT-Enterprise at INESC-ID's ISG

This web site is the ProjectIT-Enterprise instance deployed and managed for the INESC-ID's Information System Group; typically for supporting its students research projects.

Coordinator and Further Information

Prof. Alberto Silva
alberto.silva [ at ] ("[ at ]" replaces "@" to prevent spam)

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